Ray RedSpider and his Attempt at Wit

It's my life and I'll live it however stupid I want to

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Wicked Grin
This is why there's no rightwing comedy. Liberals are just funnier. We make fun of assholes who piss you off, so you laugh too. I plan on a project similar to MST3K (or as it's called now, RiffTrax) where I and a crew would video ourselves making fun of stupid films such as "No Intelligence Allowed" (Ben Stein's whinefest about them not allowing/forcing Intelligent Design in science class) or that America movie that tries to make the case Liberals hate freedom. Or the Passion of the Christ. Films like that. Rightwing people think making fun of minorities is funnier instead. Can you just see them doing a heckle-film project? They'd do films like Schindler's List, or Philadelphia. Yeah. Not funny. #b


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