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Ray RedSpider and his Attempt at Wit

It's my life and I'll live it however stupid I want to

3 July 1974
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I'm Ray, the Stumbling Block, the non-profit prophet, and all around freak. I run the website above, and have raise a bit of hell in the religious/political arena. This blog is my more personal one for friends, while my other blog is for the main website viewing public.

I am a sick-of-it-all gay-bear, primitive-anarchist, pagan rebel from hell. I am the Anti-Limbaugh. I am the Anti-Falwell. I am so liberal I make Ann Coulter's roots turn black and her Adam's apple throb like a facehugger alien. I'm so liberal I make Glenn Beck cry and wet himself. I'm so liberal I make Boehner turn orange!

I stand by the fact that humans were not put here to rule the earth, and the earth was not here for our reckless use. I battle against fundamentalism, tyranny, and self-centric view of the universe. I'm here to piss off all the Right people. It's the right thing to do, and I find tasty ways to do it.

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The Stumbling Block:

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Growlr & Scruff are both phone app only sites... search for them in your app store and locate "RedSpider" in Berkeley, CA

Meanwhile, I'm also an exhibitionist pervert, bear-lovin' homosexual freakazoid. I'd rather make the porn than watch it, and I'm always willing to make some with hot nasty bear daddies. I'm into open relationships, not because I'm incapable of being faithful to one man, but because I want to give my heart to one man who wants to take this crazy journey with me in being debaucherous with others. I am excited that one day I will be able to walk down the aisle with a man in this country, whether you bible-beatin' cousin-humpers for Jesus like it or not.

You may have noticed the warning on the blog:

"I don't want to hear any whining if I should do something that you can't condone or offends you in any way on my journal or in my life..."

The reason I make this notification is simply this... I have no intention of offending anybody, but yes, language will be used, and offensive things will be said. Do not take them personally, nor seriously. I'm not afraid of offensive words or slurs, since I stand beside the people they're aimed at whenever anything comes against them. Just because I used them does not make me bigoted against you in any way. Usually they're meant in satire to make a point. Read between lines, and learn to take offensiveness in stride.

Screw sensitivity training. Insensitivity training would do us all some good. Words cannot hurt you if you don't let them, but people in power against you can. And when they do, call on me. I'll always do all I can. That's what really counts.

"From now on I will divide the books I have read into two categories--the ones I read before Ishmael and those read after."

--Jim Britwell, Whole Earth Review

"There is no one-right-way
for people to live."

-- Daniel Quinn from the novel, Ishmael

The ad in the paper read:

Teacher seeks pupil. Must have earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.

The teacher was nothing any student ever thought they would find. The lessons not like anything you'd dare expect. The lessons man must hear:

There is no one-right-way for people to live.

The world was not made for man, and man was not made to rule it.


The following posts gives you deep insight into what the Ishmael books are about, and thoughts of my own about why I feel they're important, and even where I might disagree a little.

Who Wants to Destroy the Earth?
Ishmael teaches our first student, Alan, about the mythology of our culture. No, not gods and angels type stuff. But something you've had taught to you your entire life. A lie you may never have questioned.
My God, it isn't Me! - From My Ishmael
A new student (12-year-old girl) learns why fitting in with the world is not exactly a good idea after all.
What's wrong with us? Why doesn't humanity work?
And why do nearly all the other species and peoples we've ever seen work just fine on a sustainable level?
Tell me, is this progress?
ulie understands that there's other types of progress than just technology.
The Trouble with the World Today
Just a quick thought about what really needs fixing, and what is actually just inconvenient symptoms of a bigger problem.
One of the most elegant deceptions of our culture...
What our educational system is really there for. Hint: it's not to make us know how to live in the world.
Education for the Birds? Unschooling the World
How offspring learned perfectly well for millions of years of life on earth, and why our schools thwart everything that worked about it.
The Fall of Man - Let my people go!
Breaking free from the cage of this culture. Are we really good smart for our own good, or can we be smarter? Brian McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christian, shows how Ishmael inspired his entire view of the old Genesis tale, and gave him a much more accurate lesson of man's place in the world.