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Wicked Grin
So yes, some of you may be wondering what in the world is happening to me that I had to go with a new facebook profile. It turns out they're targeting anybody who is not using their "real name," especially targeting drag queens and members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Now, I never said to Facebook that my name was Ray Bear. I even told them it was not. But they rejected my name and declared me Ray Bear. And then when I stood up for the Sisters, canned my account until I provide a picture ID. So I sent them a picture of me giving Facebook the finger, telling them they're not fucking God to declare what can or cannot be a real name. If your name isn't white enough, Facebook comes after you. That's not only racist, but targeting drag queens and telling them they cannot use a second account with that persona is to tell them they have to let businesses know what they do in their spare time (and businesses check that shit), or to force people to use their birth name only makes them have to reveal to the world where they are, with zero sensitivity to them if they should be avoiding abusers past. So I got this account started only to let my personal friends know I'm abandoning Facebook for their hateful, dangerous, and megalomaniacal policies. Google+ recognized the danger of such a policy, but Facebook doesn't care and only wants profits. I could get a fake ID so that can't protect anybody, but making you reveal your name DOES, ABSOLUTELY reveal people to abusers in their past, or out them to their jobs, when many states can legally FIRE people for being gay. I'll be at Google+ but if you stay, you can still see what I post here on my page: Will be joining the ditch Facebook group since they're canning all drag accounts on two weeks. Fuck these assholes. Join me on Google+ instead, folks. Let Facebook become the next MySpace ghost town on the web.


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